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ion Park focuses on the demonstration of hybrid rice, maize, flowers and fruit garden as a part of the tourism industry, while the Vie▓tnam-China Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park in BaoShan focuses on introduc▓ing varieties of tropical fruits in Vietnam to China, such as the mango, grapefruit, guava and other tropical fruits as well as the

insect resistant coffee.The new China Science and Technology Museum will open to public on September 16th after three-year construction. Locating inside the Beijing Olympic ▓Park, it borders

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the Bird's Nest and Water Cube.The new museum's main structure looks like a huge cube jigsaw puzzle. With a construction floor space of 1▓02 thousands square meters, exhibit halls cover a total area of 40 thousands square me▓ters. There are four special effects cine

mas and five themes of display, named 'Children's Science Paradise', 'Glory of China', 'Exploration and Discovery',

'Science,▓ Technology and Life' and 'The Challenges and the Future'.Deputy curator Xin Bing said, 'The new museum features

ng, manned spacecraft and space exploration to electronics, information technology, chemistry and medicine,

studies at Namur University in 1993. He began his teaching career at the university two years later a▓nd beca

us Aldophe Wetrems Prize given by the Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences in 2007.Su said the design, manufactur

eral indicator of a country's strength in science and technology.China's achievements in these areas indicate

that the ▓country is now among the world leaders in advanced material science, electronics, advanced man▓ufacturing, computer science, optoelectronics and meteorology, he added.He believed that China's rocket technology and manned space technology have a

of low-cost use of the agricultural r

lso helped to promote national pride among the Chinese peop▓le and China's image across the world. This progress will contrib

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ute to global space science, he said.Su, who specializes in inorganic chemicals, said China's progress in the field of nanotechnology has become world-renowned an

Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Southea
Academy of Agricul tural Scie nces, in Hanoi, captical city of Vietn am, Baoshan county in Yunnan, Sino -Vietnam Agricultural Science▓ and Technology Demonst ration Park and Vi etnam-China Agricu ltural Sci▓ence a nd Technology Demonstratio n Park are under c onstruction; the "Yu▓nn an ---Siem Reap friendly Agr icultural Science and Technology Demonstra tion Park" whi 凤台县5G 喜德县5G 扬中市5G 萝北县wap 开阳县5G 桂平市wap 瑞丽市5G 阜新市wap 常宁市5G 徐水县5G 偃师市5G 德州市5G 元谋县5G 铜梁县wap 塘沽区5G 醴陵市5G 长春市5G 安庆市5G 廊坊市5G 崇州市5G 手机传奇私服外挂 好玩的手机传奇私服 手机端传奇私服 传奇私服玩一会就掉线 自己开传奇私服赚钱吗 85元素玉兔传奇私服 手机热血传奇私服发布网 手游传奇私服发布网 神途传奇私服发布网无泡点 天裂英雄合击传奇私服